Sree Vani Womens College is committed to the cause of empowering women through a Logical education that would enrich their personality and groom them into motivated, creative, analytical, culturally rich, self-sustained, humane, responsible and confident individuals.
Mere acquisition of a degree does not empower a woman. She is empowered only when she Is trained to identify her hidden talents.

  • Is an effective communicator.
  • Is trained in the art of management.
  • Is nurtured as a leader with social consciousness.
  • Is skillfully equipped to be economically independent
  • Develops a holistic personality

The process of empowerment is said to be complete when she is trained to strike a balance between her career and family and be successful in both. Recognizing this need for total empowerment of women, and the passion for the same, the mission of the college and mission goals have been conceived.

Empowering Women through Academic Excellence

Academic excellence is the foundation on which the entire edifice of education rests.

Academic excellence is the foundation on which the entire edifice of education rests.

To translate the goal of promoting academic excellence into action, the college has evolved a three-pronged approach that would motivate the staff and students by providing them the right direction and suitable support systems.
Teaching Techniques.

The Teaching Techniques evolved ensures development of certain key competencies in the students while making learning a joyous experience.

  1. Heck-in, Check-out initiates dialogue
  2. Quiz assesses conceptual understanding
  3. Case study improves problem-solving skills

The faculty also prepares Workbooks, Manuals and Audio Visual aids to supplement these novel teaching strategies employed in classrooms.